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Brian Gillespie the "B" of I & B Catering

​I moved into my first house in 1991 in Kirknewton, West Lothian,

before that I hadn't done much cooking, not when you've got

mum & dad to do it for you.

I had to learn quick because I didn't fancy a chippy every night.

As my cooking improved I started inviting family & friends to dinner,

must have being something right as they kept coming back!

I fell in love with cooking and making people happy with my food.

At that time I was Motor mechanic of 22 years, in the last couple of years

as a mechanic I was fed up with the whole trade, so I was looking

for a way out so I turned my love for cooking into a business.

In 1999 we started our catering business (I & B Snacks) with

my partner Isabel who is now my wife.

We changed our business name to I & B Catering in 2007.


Hi I'm Isabel, I met Brian back in 1994. I was a school cleaner at the time working at Currie high school, Edinburgh. We've been together since 1997.We moved from Kirknewton to Southerness in 2003, then we moved to Dumfries in 2008.

I help with prep and keep everything spic and span and Brian does the cooking.

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