Buffet Salads & accompaniments

Served in large bowl 25~ 30 portions per bowl.

Prices shown in (brackets) are for 10~15 portions per bowl.

         All our salads are freshly made by us,and by using the

finest and freshest ingredients.

NO VAT to be added to our prices


Allergen info can be found here

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V = Vegetarian

Coleslaw V Crunchy cabbage and carrot with a touch of onion in a creamy

mayo dressing. (£8.00).......£15.00


Curried rice salad V A delicious salad garnished with flaked almonds, hard boiled eggs & avocados..(£13.00)...£25.00


Coronation Chicken, strips of breast meat in a mild curry mayo dressing.(£11.00)...£20.00


French bean and carrot salad,V A crunchy salad with green beans, carrots, peppers & onions with dressing......(£13.00)..£25.00


Fruity cous-cous salad ,V combo of juicy fruit and cous-cous with a mustard, olive oil & lemon dressing.....(£11.00)......£20.00


Greek feta salad ,V Greek feta cheese, black olives,

onion in a herb dressing.(£13.00).£25.00


Mango and wild rice salad.V combo of wild & Basmati rice, with mango, apricots & celery with a tangy dressing..(£12.00).£22.00


Mediterranean style pasta V A delicious mixture of pasta, roasted Mediterranean veg in tomato sauce.(£8.00).£15.00


Mixed green(seasonal mixed leafy salad)accompanied with a homemade vinaigrette.V.(£7.00).£12.00.


Mixed olives & Feta cheese..V in a olive oil and herb dressing.(£20.00)...£38.00


Moroccan spiced rice and bean salad V A delicious medley of rice , kidney beans, chickpeas in a spicy dressing (£11.00).£20.00


Pasta, tuna & onion in a Mayo dressing.(£11.00)£20.00


Pasta, cheese and smoked ham salad, combined in a mayo dressing.(£13.00).£25.00


Potato, rocket and mozzarella salad V.(£10.00) £18.00


Potato salad V. Baby boilers, skins left on, with crunchy onion and creamy

mayo dressing.(£8.00).£15.00


Pasta salad with basil vinaigrette V combo of pasta, tomatoes, olives in a basil

vinaigrette, with Parmesan & pine nuts.(£11.00)..£20.00


Paprika spiced potato salad. V .Baby boilers, skins left on, with crunchy onion and creamy paprika mayo dressing .(£9.00)..£16.00


Tabbouleh V A delicious combination of Bulgar wheat, peppers,

tomatoes and fresh herbs.(£11.00)£20.00


Tomato & Onion...V vine ripened tomatoes and red onion with a

balsamic vinaigrette.(£9.00).£16.00


Waldorf salad V A classic salad with a combo of apples, celery,

mayo & walnuts (£10.00)£18.00


Petit Pain (French Bread rolls).V 40 pence each


Lockerbie Butter..V..15 pence per portion

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